Elisha anointed Jehu to become King

Christian Fellowship Online Meeting

Report of July 15, 2018

Title: Elisha anointed Jehu to become King

Last night after reading 2King 9:1-6, Dr. Jules started his message with a question. Why God did not accomplish the 3 prophesies He has given to Elijah in the same time? This question led us to take a look at 2Peter 3:9, where we found that sometimes God delays the accomplishment of his word or judgement on our lives because he wants to give us more time to repent.

In this specific case, God was delaying the anointing of Jehu, because He wanted to give more time to the house of Ahab to repent. Dr Jules then invited us to take advantage of the Lord’s patience to repent and return from our sinful ways. In 1 King 21: 21- 25, God declared the destruction of Ahab’s house, but even though, Ahab himself repented, God had brought the punishment on his house in Joram’s time because he did what is evil in eyes of the Lord. Based Joram’s story, Dr. Jules urged us to disconnect ourselves from our forefathers and our parents’ sins. We must make sure we are living a righteous and a holy life according to the word of God. By doing so we are closing all doors against the devil (the accuser). Satan will not have access to our lives if we are living a holly life.

All in all, last night was a wonderful time of learning for all of us who came. Dr. Jules ended his message with three main lesson for us:

1- We must not allow our friendships and environment to hold us back from God’s anointing, or delay the accomplishment of God’s purpose in our life.

2- We must repent and surrender our lives to God to avoid the punishment of our parent’s sins.

3- We must live a holy life by doing the will of God and seeking him in all ways.

The prayer was led by Brother Silvanus. We first thanked God for the privilege we had last night to explore His word in His Holy Presence. Second, we asked the Holly Spirit to encourage and lead us as we seek to do what is pure and holly in the presence of God, and lastly, we asked God to break all parental curses, family idols, principalities, and any spiritual hindrance that is standing in the way to our prosperity.

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