Nehemiah in Jerusalem

Christian Fellowship Online Meeting

Report of July 12, 2018

Title: Nehemiah in Jerusalem

Main scripture: Nehemiah 2: 11-18

Last Sunday night was another powerful learning time for us. Dr. d’Almeida continued the study of Nehemiah’s character. First, He talked about Nehemiah’s arrival in Jerusalem. What we learned here is the transformation of Nehemiah’s thoughts, desires and words into actions. The preacher drew our attention to this part of the story by explaining that most of the time, we just make statements about things we want to do but we never take a single step towards their completion.

Second, we discovered that not only did Nehemiah keep his plan a secret, but also, he continued praying God for direction as he was examining the fallen walls of Jerusalem. Well this second lesson from Dr. d’Almeida is very important to us in our walk with God. In fact, Nehemiah displayed patience, obedience, self-control, and humility as he was meditating on the work he was going to do. Here, the preacher invited us to completely lean on God when He gives us an assignment, just as it was written in Proverbs 3: 5-7. Furthermore, Nehemiah’s silence was a key point in the process. As Dr. d’Almeida pointed it out to us, some people around us are “dream killers” so we must control our tongues when we are undertaking an impactful project. It is also very important for us to take our time to think about the specific challenges that we might face down the road, and possible solutions that we can use to overcome. For instance, Luke 14: 28-30 is great teaching from our Lord Jesus regarding this aspect of accomplishing God’s work or any life changing project we may plan.

Another aspect of Nehemiah’s Character is his determination. Of course, after his examination of the ruined city, he knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy task, but he did not give in to discouragement and despair, he rather fixed his eyes on God and not on his own capacity, while asking for help from few trusted people. My dear brothers and sister, here again we need to stay focused when we are working on a project. Let us learn from Nehemiah, especially in this time when we are working on building a sanctuary for Christian Fellowship. Let us lean on God and believe firmly that this project will be accomplished in a timely manner by the Grace of God.

Dear Christian Fellowship members from US and Canada, I would like to use this late report to invite us again for another life changing session tonight with Dr. d’Almeida.


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