The Last Days of Elisha

Christian Fellowship Online Meeting for US and Canada

Report of Sunday July 29

Title: The Last Days of Elisha

Main Scripture: 2Kings 13: 14-21

Last Sunday, Dr. d’Almeida shared a critical analysis of Joash’s character and his action toward Elisha as he was dying. After reading 2 Kings 13: 14-21, the preacher mentioned that it was a good thing to show compassion to the man of God in his suffering but in the meantime Joash, king of Israel, was not living according to the will of God; however he thought showing compassion to Elisha in his last hour would give him access to his power; just like Elisha himself  had received the double portion of his master Elijah’s anointing when he was taken away by God (2 Kings 2:11). Dr. d’Almeida highlighted the paradox that was displayed in Joash’s character and used it as a cornerstone lesson for our meeting. Verses 14 and 15 showed that Joash did not have a genuine sympathy for the man of God; he rather had come for his own interest (to gain power). The preacher then explained to us how we can completely miss the blessing of God regardless of our good deeds. That is, we may serve in all areas of the church; we may double our offering every week, but as far as our heart is not in a proper alignment with what is PURE and RIGHT according to God, we will not be rewarded. My brothers and sisters, that is not all. As the preacher dived deeply into the topic, it became clear to us that we are not just members of Christian Fellowship, but we are Ambassadors of Christ in our various communities, where we are called to share the Gospel. So, if we fail to do our job, we are preventing lots of people to enter the Glory of God just as Joash had sadly missed the golden opportunity to deliver Israel forever. Dr. d’Almeida used this specific aspect of Joash’s character to urge us to get things right between God and ourselves. He further insisted we must be aware of the fact that our actions can affect and deliver people around us. Our families, friends, coworkers and even our nations. Therefore we need to serve God with more fervor, discipline and consistency and not with doubt and coldhearted like Joash did.

2 Kings 13.18; 19 He also invited us to get closer to God no matter how busy we are, no matter how difficult our situations are. Dr. d’Almeida ended his message by strongly encouraging us to sharpen our spiritual fervor as we are moving forward in the mission God has called us for. Romains 12:11.

Many thanks to Sister Deborah who led the ending prayer. Her prayer was an important piece of the session because she literally urged us to examine our hearts and search for all possible obstacles and sins that might be keeping us from entering the kingdom of God.

Dear brother and sisters, thank you for coming to the online meeting; let’s meet again on August 5th for another life changing message from Dr. d’Almeida. God bless you all.

Reported by Essivi.

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